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Thanks a Million Girl Scout Volunteers…Wait, Let’s Make That 5 Million!

April 19, 2013

We say it all the time. “Hey, thanks a million!”

Someone does us a favor, or helps us with a challenging task. Or, maybe they step up to go above and beyond the usual course of what’s expected in their jobs. Whatever the situation may be, a “Thank you” seems in order.

But what could you possibly say to thank someone who devotes  nearly 5 million hours a year to something they choose to do purely from their goodness of their hearts? These are people who don’t get paid, at least not in dollars.

troop funThey are Girl Scout volunteers.

By conservative estimates, our 6,500+ leaders and other volunteers across the Kentuckiana Council put in an average of 5 million hours a year to serve our girls. From leading troop meetings, planning community service projects, organizing travels and tours, overseeing cookie sales, helping to steer our governance and operations, and so much more, volunteers are the lifeblood that make Girl Scouting possible.

From our earliest days, and throughout a full century of service to girls of all ages, Girl Scouts has been a volunteer-driven organization. As we change and grow to continue serving our girls the best way possible over the next hundred years, I expect this is one thing we’ll see unchanged!

annual mtg2013 (81)Ask any Girl Scout volunteer why anyone would dedicate so much time and energy to working with girls and expect to hear something along the line of, “Making a difference in a girl’s life is rewarding and important work.” Then, don’t be surprised to hear, “It’s also a whole lot of fun!”

National Volunteer Week, April 21-27, 2013—and national Girl Scout Leaders Day on April 22nd—is the perfect time to say “Thank you” to these selfless individuals. It is truly awe-inspiring, and humbling, to see firsthand the incredible level of dedication our volunteers give to the important work of building girls.

IMG_0024Beyond the traditional troop experience, the flexibility of Girl Scouting’s Pathways model offers volunteers great options to be part of Girl Scouting in a way that works for them. Our six Pathways—Troops, Series, Events, Camp, Travel, and Virtual—empower volunteers to design and deliver programs that reflect their specific skills and expertise. From business owners to chefs, or even research scientists, doctors, news reporters, airline pilots and beyond…there is practically no limit to candidates who would make a great Girl Scout volunteer.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of being part of something bigger than yourself, come join us. Be part of helping today’s girls become tomorrow’s leaders.

The value of what our volunteers do is truly beyond measure. Even if it were possible to put a dollar figure on what our volunteers do, no amount of money could come close to the worth of what these selfless individuals do purely from a sense of commitment and purpose. So, we’ll just have to say, “Thanks five million!” and hope you know how much we genuinely thank you for your extraordinary service.

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  1. Menisa Marshall permalink
    April 20, 2013 3:13 AM

    I’m totally amazed at the amount of time and work so many volunteers commit to Girl Scouting. Even at just minimum wage, 5 million hours of work in a year would be worth nearly $40,000,000 …wow!


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